What if I can't return the selection within the 14 day terms?

We know life can get busy.  We will send a reminder within 30 days..

I only collect certain areas/countries/topics. Can I request specific items?

We understand not everyone collects everything. Feel free to give us a focus. Want lists are always welcome.

How can I reach you?

If you call please leave a message. 407-593-1680 or toll free 888-429-9035. Or send an email to mike@wiltonstamp.com

I have a budget. Can you work with me?

Alas, so do we.  Just let us know your limits.

I'm a beginner. Can you get me started?

We have wonderful stamps and supplies available for you.

I've been collecting carefully for decades. Can you help me continue?

We have what you are missing or wanting to upgrade, just provide us with some details to put us in the right direction.

What if I want to stop shipments?

Temporarily?  Just let us know. No more ever?  Just let us know.

What makes Wilton Stamp Company stand out from other major stamp companies?

We are a family owned business.  Our approvals cost you nothing to examine, as we pay postage including domestic returns.  The owner picks your selections.  You have our complete attention.

How often can I expect another selection?

We try to turn orders around immediately after receipt of the prior shipment. If they are coming too fast, tell us and we will slow it down for you.  Not fast enough?  Tell us that too, we will try to remedy that situation immediately.

What is the story behind your Clock Tower logo?

We commissioned a design of the Wilton, New Hampshire Town Hall Clock to be our logo when we began our journey in historic downtown Wilton in 1987.  We even have a slogan, we think you will agree with, to accompany it: “Any Time is a Great Time to Collect Stamps!”

Why should I try the stamps on approval service from Wilton Stamp Company?

Why not? You have nothing to lose and much to gain.  We have many customers who have, month after month for years and even decades, enjoyed opening their mail box to see our envelope with our name and signature clock tower logo in the return address.  They know more stamps are waiting inside for their perusal.  We are proud to have brought joy to many enthusiastic stamp collectors since 1987.  Trusting us to pick likely items for you saves you time.  Examining our stamps before you buy them gives you security, as you know exactly what you are buying.  After all, you are holding the item in your hand, at your desk, in the comfort of your home.