FDR Anniversary of Death April 12, 1945

12 Apr FDR Anniversary of Death April 12, 1945

Franklin Delano Roosevelt died at his southern home, the “Little White House”, in Warm Springs, Georgia, April 12, 1945 .

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FDR was elected President an unprecedented four times and guided our nation through the Great Depression and World War II.

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Libraries have been written about the presidency and life of President Roosevelt.

For our purposes today we want to highlight that he was also known as the Stamp Collecting President.

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FDR, with his Postmaster James A. Farley, issued a huge number of stamps, sets, and souvenir sheets during his years in office.

One such set, beautiful and collectible from it’s day of issue, is the National Parks Set of 10.

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We think President Roosevelt would have been thrilled at the stamps and stamp collecting opportunities available today.  One thing available to all stamp collectors is Wilton Stamp Company’s Premier Stamps on Approval Service.  Since 1987, we “send the stamp store to your door”!  Just sign up and let us send you stamps to examine!  Then, take two weeks to make your choice and submit returns and payment in our postage paid return envelope.  We also think FDR, and you, would be happy to know we always use stamps, never meter strips, on all our mailings.

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