Opening Day 2016

04 Apr Opening Day 2016

Opening Day is likened to New Years Day for fans of America’s Pastime.

baseball stamp 4A brand new season begins, the great 162 game marathon lasting from early spring through chilly fall, the beginning of April through late October.  Baseball famously has no game clock.  A game goes 9 innings or more, and is over when one team wins, regardless of time.  babe ruth stamp 1Stamp collectors know the feeling, of being lost to time, when “working on” their collections.  The satisfaction of a baseball game well played is certainly “in the same ballpark” as a good day spent with one’s collections.   fenway park stampWilton Stamp Company offers collectors a service known as stamps on approval.  We “pitch” you a selection of stamps, for you to peruse, without prior purchase.  Take up to two weeks to examine the selections, make your choices and return.  Sometimes we “strike out”, but often enough it’s a “home run”, and either way we pay return postage in the US.

     baseball stamp 3

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