Wilton Stamp Company
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Stamps on Approval Service
Since 1987

Stamps on Approval

The Most Collectible Stamps of America and the World,
Sent to you on 14 day Approval.

We offer a service to stamp collectors called Stamps on Approval.
We send a selection of rare and beautiful stamps “on approval” to be examined by you at home before purchase.  

Choose what you like, remit payment for what you keep, return the rest in our postage paid return envelope, and we will send you more. 
Keep any, all, or none, pause or cancel any time.  

We are multi-generational family owned and operated
for over 30 years, since 1987. 

Whether you collect United States or World Wide, engraved Classic Era singles or Modern Topical sets and souvenir sheets, or any and all,
we can help you build the collection of your dreams.

Sign up today and receive a gift with your introductory selection.

Free Gift:
Act now and receive a John F. Kennedy Art Craft Cachet cover produced for the May 29, 1964 JFK Memorial Stamp.  President Kennedy’s portrait is framed in black, the flag is half mast to the right of the portrait, and the cover is as fresh as the day it was printed over 50 years ago.

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